Sunday, February 6, 2011


My first blog post in...well, forever. But, for good reason. We're pregnant! With twins!!

For those who have followed my history and prayed and hoped for healing and second chances after my miscarriage, to say this has been an overwhelming answer to prayer and a strikingly clear marker of God's wonder and desire to give us the joys of our heart, far beyond anything we ever even imagined, doesn't even begin to do this experience justice. To come from such a dark, sad, trying place to where we are now, expecting TWO miracles to join our family this summer, well, it has been a remarkable injection of hope and healing that has reached far beyond my tiny nuclear family. I can absolutely say that we would not have survived our first loss without the prayer of so many friends and family from all over the world and we celebrate life together with those who have steadfastly claimed hope and healing for us so diligently over the past year and a half.

Given my challenges during the first trimester last time, thus explains my recent hiatus. I have been working hard to listen to my body and in a simple, but often challenging commitment, have SLOWED DOWN. Everywhere. In everything. My house is a disaster (ahhh....screams...running dust bunnies and horrified OCDers...tears and horror), laundry can wait, and my bed has become my greatest ally in growing these tiny beings, who right now, are blissfully healthy, in the 97th growth percentile, at 14 weeks exactly, today.

I have severely limited my shooting schedule this year, relying on especially flexible, supportive clients for a few special jobs, second shooters and alternative approaches to accomplish what I am able, and only that. I expect my updates may be less frequent, my posts of new photos streamlined and direct and above all, continue to listen to my body and my amazing medical team to do everything absolutely necessary to continue on this path to increasing the size of our family.

I ask for your continued prayers and support and welcome your joy and celebration in God's miracle of restoration and new life. I also ask for your understanding with my limited schedule and availability and hope to reengage in 2012 with new vision and purpose. I will be accepting portrait clients on a very limited basis depending on how I feel as the inquiries arise, and will be declining all future wedding inquiries between now and October 15, 2011. I plan to deliver end July and after some time adjusting, will refocus and consider what the Fall may bring, but know that I will not be capable of managing anything prior to the 15th of October at the earliest.

And for your viewing pleasure...a little snapshot of me taken by my BFF on our way to Target when I finally broke down and admitted my work pants and jeans no longer fit me and I desperately needed some maternity wear!

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