Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You shot that where?

Several weeks ago, a guest blogger (well, two!) on the Hampton Roads Creative shared a little experiment they did on shooting locations and how you don't need much to accomplish a lot and that sometimes the most unlikely of places proves to be a perfect fit for a creative explosion. You can read more on their journey HERE.

This sparked a little challenge to myself to get out there and see what I could find and how I could turn "nothing into something." And while I was at it, it was a great opportunity for me to keep working my 85mm lens and continuing to hone in on that sweet spot. So, I called my trusty, gorgeous, Egyptian goddess go-to model gal pal, Nicole, and we hit the road.

First, we stopped at a corn field on a dead end side road we found. Nothing too crazy unusual, but I figured we would give it a go. Until, as I opened the door, a horse fly the size of a small cow descended on our car and beat us back inside with a stern warning that any exits of the vehicle would be met by dive bomb attempts and gnashing of killer horsefly teeth. So we left. And ended up here...

Nicole hopped out, assumed the position, and I clicked the first frame. THIS first frame.


Yeah. This spot will work.

We hopped in the car again and decided to turn off down a dirt road with dead wildflowers (Dark Katy!!) and see what we came across. And found this...

Yes, that's a concrete slab in the middle of a dead wildflower field. Win. This made for all sorts of advantages (i.e. not trekking up to our necks in weeds with the bugs and nastiness of the world) and was probably an old home foundation from ages and ages ago. Nicole hopped up there, stared off into the distance and wham bam thank you ma'am, this was born:

Needless to say, Nicole makes my job kind of obnoxiously easy, and I'm pretty sure I could have tossed her in a dumpster with similarly stunning results, but all in all, it was a great day of play and experimentation and I highly suggest reading the HRC blog and challenging yourself to discover new places to get creative. It's refreshing, adventurous and can kick start you out of that creative rut in a jiffy. Thanks Nicole for always being so willing to come play with me!

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Second Shooting: Emi & Sean

Several weeks ago I had the great pleasure of serving as the second shooter for one of my very favorite friends, Sarah, of Sarah Mariel Photography. I am delighted to assist her in any circumstance, but it only sweetened the deal to learn that this particular wedding was at a dream location, the Colonial Heritage Golf Club in Williamsburg, and that the couple was, well, in a word, amazing.

Emi & Sean. What can I say? For just meeting them on the day of their wedding, I was instantly aware and warmed by their hearts for each other and those around them. Emi especially reveled in the specialness of her wedding day, taking in every moment, savoring and contemplating it, and stamping it on her heart. It was a moving experience as a photographer and I was honored to play a part in capturing the essence of their love and her experience as a bride.

It was about a bazillion degrees out, but that didn't seem to phase anyone in the slightest. Armed with mini battery-powered fans, lots of water and a thoroughly positive outlook, their wedding day was perfect in every way. And the best part about being a second shooter was that I found myself settling in to simply observing the day as it unwrapped, which gave me the opportunity to capture raw emotion and intimate moments that were really special.

Emi & Sean, I've known you for a grand total of about 10 hours, and yet, you've both made quite the impression on me. I loved every minute of your wedding day and thank you for sharing with me. Sarah, I owe you big time for letting me tag along for such a special affair! Congratulations to you both, your families and those friends who joined you in celebration. It was truly a day to remember.

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Be sure to check out Sarah's full blog post on Emi & Sean HERE and follow her photography on Facebook HERE. She recently relocated to the West Coast, and I will miss her more than I can say. For my West Coast readers, if you need a photog, she is your gal for sure!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Orchestrated Stylized Shoots: Union

We all know I'm a total literary nerd. If you follow me on Goodreads, you know I inhale books and can find pleasure in just about any genre, no matter how lengthy, or honestly, how lame. I'll read just about anything. It's one of the few ways I can successfully disconnect from my to-do list and completely lose myself in something mindless and not task-oriented.

All that being said, when Chelsea told me that there was a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house right here in Virginia Beach, I just about fell over. In just the past year, I read one of the best books I've seen in awhile, and one that came to my lap quite unannounced and unexpected. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan was a book that surprised me, broke my heart, challenged me and ultimately instilled in me a great admiration for the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. So, when Union was born, I was more than a bit giddy to know we were going to be at the Cooke House, right here in Virginia Beach, connecting intimately with the legacy and design of one of America's greatest contributors to the architectural world.

As usual, our participating vendors, led by the vision and styling of Isha Foss Events, far exceeded our expectations and brought new life to a classic design that in true Frank Lloyd Wright form, paid homage to his craving for linear and geometric design, while also brandishing a seamless fit with the surrounding nature. And while we tucked ourselves away in a still mostly unknown little pocket built into the side of a sand dune, we went back in time and found ourselves wholly immersed in his design and inspiration.

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A big thank you to our fabulous creatives!

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Event Design & Styling | Isha Foss Events |
Venue | The Cooke House |
Stationery | The Girl Tyler |
Florals | Isha Foss Events |
Bridal Attire | Ava Clara Couture Bridal |
Menswear | Dan Ryan’s for Men |
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