Friday, March 23, 2012

Don't miss the moments...

I literally have to write into my calendar "take kid's portraits and order personal prints" as part of my to-do list. Remember that old saying "The doctor's kids are always sick, the shoemaker's kids are barefoot..." (botched, but you get where I'm headed) Yeah, well, the photographer's kids have no pictures. Simply put, I stink at not only taking pictures of my kiddos, but getting them printed. In a digital world, which I wholeheartedly embrace on a business level to transfer and share data, it is so easy to rely on posting to Facebook, CDs and galleries to carry the weight of our memories and I am constantly snapping pics with my junky Blackberry and posting to Facebook with a "I'll do this later with the Mama Blevo." Or with a "I'll back this up on my server later." Riiiiiight.

My point. The digital world is amazing. It has provided a limitless resource to share memories and special moments on a global scale among family and friends. Simply put, it's changed the entire way we see the world. We're moving at light speed and it's fun!

Make sure you use this digital world to your advantage. Specifically, don't get lazy. Like me. Take those pictures. Back up those pictures. Print those pictures. Store them away for generations to come. Don't let the moments fly by. Capture them! And then cherish them by taking care to make sure they are saved properly. Because there is no second chance.

Here are some of those pictures I know I'll look back on in years to come and thank God I took them (and yes, I just ordered prints today).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love, Laughter & Sass

Ashley drives by my house literally every day. She happens to drop her daughter at day care right down the street. So, it is with a hearty "Thank God!" that I am reminded of her phone call mentioning that she saw my beautiful car decal and did I do family pictures? I say " Thank God!" because her family is one of those families that just make you happy. Every time I'm with them, I find myself laughing, smiling and just generally enjoying every second with them. If no one else ever mentioned the car decal ever again, just meeting them would make it more than worth every penny. I love this family. Truly. And I am tickled pink every morning when Akenna jumps out and goes "Katy! We take pictures with you! Where are the babies?" Did I mention she is 2, almost 3, and by far the sassiest, smartest, most well spoken kiddo I've ever encountered?! She blows my mind. When I hopped in their car to head to our latest session, I asked "Can I sit by you?" To which she replied "Of course you may sit by me." Seriously. She's 2.

This session was bittersweet to say the least. Due to a raging rain storm that thwarted our original plans, we ended up shooting quite literally the morning that Ahren was headed out for a 6-month deployment. I am so happy we did. I know it was especially hard to be reminded of time slipping away as the morning passed, but taking the time to spend those special moments together loving on each other was such a blessing to watch. Ahren, I am honored and grateful for your service. You are a loving husband, incredible father and man of good character. It radiates from you. And your family. May the next 6 months pass quickly!

PS. My favoritest family will be moving away soon. The call of duty will be bringing them to the West Coast. Ashley claimed she is stuffing me in her suitcase. For a second, I seriously considered jumping right in. But I'll settle for a good visit. At least once. I need me some West Coast sunshine and sass!
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