Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Consignment Sale: May 5, 2012

I know you know I wear my title of a multiples mama proudly and have often commented on the value in building relationships with those who understand you, encourage you and let's face it, help keep you sane. These are my fellow multi-mamas to me. And of course, I jumped at the chance to sponsor our upcoming consignment sale, because beyond supporting the club, I walked away with TWO carloads of vital stuff at the last sale and plan to sell TWO carloads of stuff this sale. It's a win/win.

Let me tell you, people take this sale seriously. They will line up early in the morning just for a chance to get in the door. Why? Because we sell some darn good stuff. If you are expecting, have young children, are a grammy or a nanny, and need just about anything for your little ones, you can usually find it here, usually in multiple counts, sparkly clean and spiffed up for the next home.

Don't miss it!!!!!!!

All sales final

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