Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orchestrated Stylized Shoots: Muted Neons and Nerdy Chic

I know some pretty fabulous people. They're beautiful inside and out. And let's be honest, they are those people who I sometimes find myself going "Wow. I feel like a black sheep. Ugly ducklings, unite!" Ha. Just kidding (well, sorta). I mean, really, beauty queens (shout out, Jude!), former models (Amy!!), Egyptian goddess artist extraordinaires (Nicole!) and my wardrobe is perfectly styled and seamlessly modern with my impeccable taste (Angela!). I am surrounded! And blessed. Especially because they are such willing subjects. And because they put up with my current frazzled mom, sweatpants rockin' self.

I was thrilled to have the chance to shoot at the latest Vignettes, Volume II event for Orchestrated Stylized Shoots. Not only did I get to play with some of my favorite people, I got to really enjoy shooting for me in a uniquely crafted setting. Just fun. No deadlines. No expectations. Just me and my camera, doing whatever we want. Despite the blazing heat and humidity (Seriously VA?! Can a girl catch a breeze?!), it was a breath of fresh air.

A few faves from the engagement portion (Yay! Kim & Matt!), shot at Adam Thoroughgood House:

A few faves from the bridal portion (Yay! Nicole!), shot at McDonald Garden Center:

And a few faves from the day after portion (Oh look! It's my Josh & Angela! Yay!), also shot at McDonald Garden Center:

Props for this fabulous event go to:
VIGNETTES, VOL. II Concept Design | Chelsea LaVere | Venue for Engagement| Adam Thoroughgood House Venue for Bridal/Day-After| McDonald Garden Center | Hair and Makeup | Elizabeth Ansel Alfier | Jewelry | Premier Designs | Bridal Gown for Bridal | Ava Clara Couture Bridal| Bouquet for Bridal | Palette of Petals | Models | Angela & Josh, Kim & Matt, Nicole
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