Thursday, July 3, 2014

Second Shooting: Sarah Mariel Photography

Some recent fun with Sarah Mariel Photography. I love, love, love second shooting and enjoyed being able to play creatively with some more unconventional shots (at least for my usual style). And spending time with my gal who moved to Cali who I miss desperately? Major bonus. Love you Sarah!

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The Chosen Few: Heather & Greg AKA When Hedgehogs Marry

Heather. Where to start. A tried and true friend, a blessing, a bright spot of humor to my life. I love the gal. And when she asked me to photograph her wedding to her absolutely perfect fit in every, single way, Greg, I was over the moon.

Heather & Greg are a special breed. Heather is not-so-secretly obsessed over British life in all its many facets of tea, the Queen, Kate and some really odd looking, but strangely tasty candies. She loves Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, the Lord and....hedgehogs. Like I said, kindred spirit. And likewise, if Heather was cloned in the male form, it would be Greg. He has his own collection of goodies and is fantastically sweet. They are a perfect fit for each other.

So, hedgehogs. Heather decided to give little squishy hedgehogs as wedding favors to her guests. As Somer and I were playing with our set that she of course set aside for me (not for my kids...for me...ha), we had a lightbulb moment. We were going to tell the story of their wedding through the hedgehogs' eyes. Normally, this would be ultimately cheesy, but for Heather & Greg, I couldn't think of anything more perfect for their awesome sense of humors.  Somer, being Somer, grabbed this project and dug in with full force. The outcome was brilliant from start to finish.

Without further ado...when hedgehogs marry.

The method behind the madness! Seriously - everyone was in on making this work! 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Chosen Few: Jackie & Corey

I admit, they've been married for...well, forever now. I've been a blogging slacker and let life get ahead of me. It's KatyFest 2014 this week, and you know what that means! Time to catch up and knock out my never-ending to do list!

You may recognize Jackie & Corey from their ridiculously easy engagement session at Munden Point Park. Seriously, these two are so crazy about each other, I barely had to say a word to get them "in position." Given the many, many months they had spent apart while Corey was cross-country studying military linguistics, this brief weekend visit was the perfect opportunity (and the only opportunity!) for me to see them both together before the big wedding day.

On their wedding day, their personalities and big love for family showed in every aspect of their ceremony and reception. From the bag piper who played Jackie down the aisle in tribute to her Scottish heritage, to the rowdy family dances full of love and pure joy, to the simple hugs shared between brothers. This family is awesome in every way.

I had the privilege of welcoming Caitlin of Caitlin Gerres Photography to my side as second shooter since Somer was on maternity leave and she did a fabulous job! Thank you Caitlin!

Last, and certainly not least, thank you Jackie & Corey for trusting me with such a special part of your lives. I love you both! (Oh and neat inside scoop...I met Jackie & Corey through my very first bride's twin sister! So many years later and they are still my biggest cheerleaders! Yay!)

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Happy Birthday B!

The boys' celebrated their 3rd birthday last week and I found myself introducing my friends to my parents in this manner..."This is Nichole and Daniel and their little man B. He just turned one. I did their engagement pics, wedding, maternity, newborn and we just did family portraits. They've become close family friends." I had several friends that got introduced this way, with one even going "They were my very first wedding, and now I've followed them through maternity, newborn and family for three kiddos!"

Here are some sneak peeks to little man B's birthday celebration shoot. He is seriously ridiculously cute and happy always. I love this family.

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