Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Love Story of Adoption

Those of you who have followed me for awhile know a few things...One, that my own difficult past and ultimate miracle of my twin boys has carved a special place in my heart for those who long to be parents but find the road paved with painful challenges to overcome. Two, that I moved away from family sessions just over a year ago now to open my time for my own children and get back to my family.

With that said, I've been following Kim and Matt's story for a long time. They may look familiar to you, because they graced the Neon Chic Orchestrated Stylized Shoots event, and they are just beautiful people inside and out that captivate those who know them. Their love was evident at Orchestrated and even more so now. So when I learned that they finally had been matched for adoption, I celebrated their great blessing. They truly deserved it and I knew that baby had a world of love and light coming to him at the hands of two parents so truly hopeful and committed to all things good and pure and Godly. Their love was enough to inspire me to pick up my camera and capture their new family. I'm so happy for them, grateful to have shared in those special moments and blessed by their story.

 photo katysig_zps9f065155.png

Their story, of course, is best told through their eyes.
For my husband and I, adoption has always been so much more to us than simply getting a kid. Through years of infertility but with always having a heart for adoption, we’ve learned that becoming parents is not only a precious gift but a great responsibility. And as we entered into the domestic adoption process, our hearts knew we had the responsibility to love. To not only love our future child but to extend that love for his birth parents along the way. They have chosen life in an unplanned pregnancy and for that, we are so intimately grateful. It’s through a semi open adoption that we’ve had the absolute privilege to witness the brave love of our son’s birth mother. It’s through her decision that we’ve seen hope, healing and love unfold in not only her life but in ours and in an entire community around us. Through our semi open adoption, Matt and I are able to be a witness to our son’s birth mother of a marriage built on God. She is a witness to us of the sacrificial love of a parent that is an absolute reflection of God's love for us. How can anything but beauty come from choosing life and choosing adoption? We’ve been beyond blessed to be a part of such a beautiful thing.
This photo shoot meant more to us than capturing the tiny details of our son’s first weeks of life. It’s something, as a mother, you’ve always dreamed about getting to do one day. It was such a beautiful and joyful experience to capture the three of us for the first family. It was so important for us to include pieces of our son’s birth mother in the first family photo shoot for our son to always take with him as a reminder of his birth mother’s love for him. We’re hoping, also, that these photos will forever be a reminder to our son’s birth mother that we will always cherish his life and that he will always know of the sacrificial love she has for him. Her faith and her love for her son only inspires me to be a mother that will love selflessly and that will cherish this precious little gift forever. To us, these photographs tell a beautiful story...the love story of adoption.

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