Tuesday, November 29, 2011


First...a mea culpa. I am a bit behind on client blogging. I admit it, I blog when the mood strikes me. And it doesn't always strike in a timely manner. But I have long since learned that letting ideas percolate pays off. So, the blogs will come when they are ready. And they aren't...not just yet.

Now, the good stuff. A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

Ready? Here it is...




As if you didn't know...

After much thought, research, and frankly, some technological pushiness by our friends at Apple, I am putting some changes into play that will make your 2012 sessions, in a word, AMAZING.

I am happy to share a new program with you that will be the foundation of our relationship together as client, photographer, friend, and will even more importantly, be the foundation of your relationship with your photos, your memories, and all those who enjoy them along with you.

Beginning in 2012, I will be sharing all edited images via PASS galleries. This new program will allow you, with a simple download of a program or app, to access your edited files instantly, from your home computer, iPads and iPhones at any time for up to a year! You will be able to download high resolution images, share to Facebook, and pull up your memories in an instant wherever you may be!

With this new technology that brings your images to your fingertips, gone will be the long wait for DVD mailings, the stress of lost files, the battle of competing computer operating systems and the bulky chain tying you to a computer with a disk drive if you want to share your memories with friends and family. With each session or event, you will now receive a PASS gallery with your edited images, with YOU listed as a VIP with access to download high resolution files for immediate personal use.

The decision to do away with DVDs was not an easy one. Many people have learned to expect that as the best and only way to receive their files, and the idea of moving away from a tangible item marking the completion of an order may be hard to comprehend for some. But as experience has taught me, the DVDs tend to be the most cumbersome part of our time together. The frustration that is often felt by a client with a different operating system, or the fear that swallows you whole when you lose your DVD, or even worse, scratch or break it, are frankly, no fun at all. So be gone DVD nightmares! While you will still have the option of burning DVDs from your home computers after downloading your high resolution images, you will not be forced to rely on such a tenuous bitty finite item as your primary source for your memories. Instead, they will be stored securely online for you and only you. Because YOU. ARE. A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. TO ME.

Want to know more? Watch this nifty video from my friends at PASS sharing exactly how this will work...


Get excited! 2012 is all about YOU!

Much love,

PS. There will be purchase options available to extend your secure online storage beyond a year and limited print rights to all unedited files from your session/event via DVD available for purchase at an additional fee.

PPS. Those clients presently under contract for 2012 will receive PASS galleries in addition to the DVDs they were promised at no additional cost!
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