Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adventures of Katy & Melody: Pyrotechnics

The wonderfully amazing Miss Rachel May Clarke inspired Melody and I to conduct our own series of pyrotechnics experiments after finishing up a late night wedding reception for the glorious Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tull. Melody and I grabbed several boxes of sparklers, a lighter, and snuck around to the deepest darkest back corner of the reception hall to try our hand at some neat effects. Melody apparently has a hole in her skirt now from burning sparklers, I was afraid I was going to fall in a ditch and be violently murdered by snakes and spiders, and who knows what the departing guests were thinking as they heard giggles and frantic screaming "We did it!" from off in the pitch blackness of night.

I've played around a bit with some Lightroom presets to see what it did to the sparks. I haven't decided on what I like best yet, but here's a preview of one that I tried!

And here is one that I left myself in (I ended up being the better sparkler fairy wand waver and Melody ended up being the better photographer. Ha!) so you can see where I stood and what it looks like when it first comes out. We had the shutter speed on Bulb and the aperture on f/22 to block out as much extra light as possible and give us the time to write in the sky.

Melody, you were a fabulous second shooter, but even more so, I had so much fun playing with you and concocting our weird experiments by moonlight. Can't wait for our next adventure!


  1. Can you hear me squealing? I am gonna play with this one too....I love them BOTH!! At the end of the LOVE it looks like a small heart...I think we are on to something...


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