Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boudoir: Less is More

It is my firm opinion, that with boudoir photography, less is more. The female form is breathtaking. A celebration of art and love depicted through elegant images that highlight the curves and details of the body. That is ultimately what I am reaching for. The best photograph is the one that leads your eye and thoughts elsewhere. I don't mean that in a distracted fashion. I mean that in a way that the image prompts your imagination to "fill in the blanks." This is the heart of my boudoir photography. To tease and hint at the powerful beauty of a woman's body, to spark the brain and the heart to fill in the blanks around the edges of the photograph. Because quite honestly, how he sees you is more beautiful than anything I could ever duplicate in a photograph. Because he loves you. In his eyes, you are perfection and the most stunning being on this planet. I strive to let my photographs remind his heart of his most favorite aspects of you. The curve of your neck, the dimples on your back, the softness of your skin. The photos should let him dream that dream he always has about you. In that way, boudoir photography is all about class. Leave the best kept secrets just that. Let the heart speak beyond the edges of the photograph. Because you are beautiful. And he knew that well before I ever picked up the camera.


  1. Geezy Peezy! These are GREAT!

  2. Katy - I think you seriously get more and more talented with each photo shoot that you do.


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