Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Miss Lily and her Flowery Awesomeness

By now you have heard me sing the praises of Stephanie & Mike a million times over. My very first wedding, my very first maternity, my very first newborn...They are about as amazing as clients can be. Supportive, encouraging, always talking me up and most importantly, constantly giving me new opportunities to share in their life and document the story of a happy family as they grow and build their future together. I am blessed to know them.

This past weekend was no exception. You of course remember Lily's newborn pics. For those out of the loop, how cute is this?

Well, I can scarcely believe it myself, but Miss Lily is already a whopping 6 months old! And look at how much she has grown!

I just can't get enough of her! She has changed and grown SO MUCH, I almost didn't recognize her! She has such personality and laughed and giggled her way through the fastest portrait session I've ever done. 45 minutes from the time they walked in the door, shared pleasantries, got settled, shot and then parted ways, and we got this...

There is a special place in my heart for this little girl and her big bows and flowery headbands. She brightens my day!

By the way, just as a special props to encouraging people to invest in proper editing software, Lily's newborn photos were edited in Lightroom 2. Great program, great picture, great result. BUT...seeing the two sessions next to each other! No comparison! While I am still fuming over some of the slowness and massively obnoxious delays with Lightroom 3, it is clear the upgrade is well worth it. Also well worth it, investing time and energy in practicing with your software and getting beyond just dragging sliders and clicking buttons, hoping for a good result. Learn HOW it works and WHAT it can do. Intimately.


  1. seriously katy, They lok like they should be in a magazine! ME AND MIKE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR THE PICTURES!

    P.S. i worte a blog about you too! haha

  2. That is awesome Stephanie! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys.


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