Sunday, October 3, 2010

And then the rain stopped...

It rained the day rained the day after. But not on their day. Their wedding day. It was almost as if the very skies paid homage to the celebration of a deep and true love. They are a simple couple. They love their families. They love to laugh. They love to be near to each other. Watching them move in's effortless. Breathless. Divine. These two were absolutely made for each other. And even the rain stopped to make way for them. The sun shone. The sky was blue. The clouds gentle. The breeze cool.

Kim & Scott, you were pure joy. I don't even have to wish you a long life of happy memories, blissful marriage and more. They are already yours. Thank you for sharing your day with me. And thanks for bringing us some sunshine. If only for a day!

And yes...they sailed away from their reception into the sun on a boat! Perfect!!

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