Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crash! Bang! Boom!

The McKinney family. Where to start? Some of our best friends who have walked with us in good times and in bad, a sweet and devoted family with a darn cute little boy. Nothin' left to say except I love them. So when they asked me to do their family Christmas portrait, complete with their three giant dogs, I of course agreed. And then laughed.

Meet Sadie and Madison.

Now meet Crash.

Three big, black family dogs. Pretty similar, right? There is one tiny difference. Crash is only 7 months old. That's right, this behemoth is a puppy. Imagine puppy hyperness, multiply it by, oh...a million, and then add 75 pounds of pure muscle to it. At least. That's Crash. You can guess where his name came from.

Posing a family portrait was anything but simple. Here are a few shots of Matt and Becca working hard to get everybody to behave, complete with stern lecturing from Matt (finger point included) to a very attentive Madison.

And then there was that time that we broke off with just little Matthew to take some solo shots of my favorite tyke. Crouched in the forest, Becca and I were all "mommy-time" with the squeaky squealing "Matthew!!! Hey big boy!!! Smile for Katy! Awwww...so sweet! Look here! Look here Matthew!" We were in the zone. Needless to say, we missed the first plaintive cries for help from Matt who was bravely watching all three dogs on the sidelines. By himself.

You see...Crash had decided he was hungry, so he tried to grab a quick snack. In the form of one very small terrier. For real.

Poor Matt. By the time we heard the final "HEY YOU GUYS! HELP ME!" he was on his knees, bear hugging Crash, Madison running free and Sadie (the wise one) standing by looking at all of us like we were absolutely nuts and she was thoroughly embarrassed to be seen with this bunch.

Long story short, it was quite the adventure. The end result was a real, true life family picture, complete with chaos and Crash. I would ask for nothing more. Love it.

McKinney family. Never a dull moment.

And just for fun, how stinkin' cute is this?!

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  1. Love Love Love Love! Thank you so much for putting up with all of us and our craziness. We love you too, and feel so very blessed to call you a friend. I got the disc in the mail and can't wait to look through all of our photos. You are such a great artist...and can even make our family look serene...even if just for a moment. :)


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