Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wendy Lady

There is nothing more amazing than when a client calls you and says "I have this idea..." Wendy, being an artist herself, concocted this unique scene of amazing vintage/woods/skater/class theme and then asked "Do you think this is cool? Or is that lame?" Ummm...HELLO BRILLIANCE!!!!! I loved it and couldn't wait for today. Upon my arrival, Wendy had been hard at work and did not disappoint. A chandelier! IN THE WOODS!!

While Wendy finished up on one minor task (cutting down a small tree that was directly in the line of sight...ha!), I decided to warm up to her three teenage boys by shooting around while they did what they love best: skating. Doing stuff like this is always fun for me. It allows me to challenge myself beyond my usual portrait techniques and play with my shutter speed, and it allows me to enjoy people in their element and get them used to me clicking away.

And of course, there just happened to be two of the cutest little pups there who I simply couldn't resist. Such willing models in all their sweetness.

All these creative diversions. Happy family, happy life. Always, ALWAYS be willing to share an idea. You never know where it will take you and those around you. Thank you Wendy Lady, her lost boys, and Jenson (who I guess would be Tinkerbell?). You made my day!

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