Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

It is the absolute best day ever! My very first real, deal Mother's Day. I can't say enough about today and how long I've waited for it and how much I love my little men. I mean, seriously, it goes without saying. Look at how darn cute they are!
But more importantly, I celebrate my own Mom on this very special day. She is Grandma Extraordinaire and I am so grateful to have her creative, whimsical, musical spirit to teach my children how to appreciate the world, color, art and the wonder of using your imagination. She can sing along to any show tune, Disney movie or 80s song. She can draw cartoons, angels, caricatures and more. She is always silly. Always playful. I rely on her to teach kids how to be kids. And I thank her for making me who I am by instilling such a deeply appreciative understanding of the importance of art, expression and music. I'm a living, breathing reflection of what was important to her, what was important to my own Grandma Extraordinaire, and honestly, I owe my career as a photographer to her. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you and can't wait for my kids to learn all the good, fun stuff of life from you!
I celebrate today with new mamas, Sarah, Carla and Katherine, who welcomed Lucy, Jackson and Eleanor into the world this week just in time for their own very first Mother's Day with their new family additions! So happy for you!


  1. Oh, Katy, Katy, just melted my heart in a million different ways. You brought back to me the memory of why and who I am with your description of Gramma. To be compared to her is such an incredible compliment. To read your words about me, which I reread a dozen times with tears flowing all over the place, I can not even express how much it means to me. You really do know me...I love to live life with magic and childlike wonder and the greatest joy in my life has always been centered around my children and now, my grandchildren. But, what has made my life so easy in living that dream is that I was blessed with daughters Extraordinaire. I love your passion and creativity and sense of humor. I love your commitment to excelling and your incredible work ethic. I love the mothers that you both have become, but most of all...after reading this, I love the legacy of my mother that is living on in you. I see her in you and it makes me feel like she isn't so far away. I know she looks down with love and more than that, I know she is around you..sometimes brushing your cheek with her hand or stroking your hair. She would say what I have always said.."I am proud of you. You are a treasure and I will love you with an everlasting love that will never end." You made my day...when I look at those pictures you posted, I remember that moment in the park and I can see the love just spilling out of me onto those sweet little boys. Thank cup runneth over.


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