Sunday, September 30, 2012


There's really no other explanation required. That one word reveals all. Exquisite.

Nichole is one of those people that come into your life and you just know that something big has happened. And you're grateful. Because you happened to meet them just when you needed it most.

Every time I have the privilege of working with Nichole, I feel artistically rejuvenated and personally motivated to stay in touch with my heart and my creative spirit. She is strong-willed in the very best way, passionate, loyal, vibrant. I could go on forever. But like I said. I really only need one word. Exquisite.

I've been holding onto these images for awhile. And I've literally been shaking with anticipation. In the year and a half that we've been dreaming up her wedding, I have never felt so personally invested and excited as I did for her as she married her soul mate, Daniel. I feel as if my best friends just got married and that the world is their oyster and I'm truly so happy, so incredibly, elatedly happy for them.

Nichole. Thank you.

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