Monday, September 10, 2012

September 22nd: Consignment Sale!

"Oh hey there, hello, random person who blogs once every million years!" I know, that's what you're saying. I promise, I'm working on getting back on track. I've been blogging up a storm on the Hampton Roads Creative, so check with Facebook or the Webpage if you haven't done so already, and you'll see lots of Katy stuff. And, I have tons of new posts in the works here, but I've been dogged by some bad weather, top secret stuff that needed to wait before the big reveal, and ya know, that thing called life.

But here I am, in all my randomness, with my bi-annual plug for the local Tidewater Mother's of Multiples consignment sale that is coming up again. This time, on Saturday, September 22nd. I'm on the board this time around and am super proud of being a mommy to the most adorable twinnies on God's green Earth, so am thrilled to have Kathryn Blevins Photography sponsor this incredible sale again.

In short, if you have young kiddos, you need to go. The quality of items is superb and the quantity of items is in a word, mind-blowing. Don't miss out! And get there early!

And to finish off, yet one more shameless plug for my little Jakester. If you haven't seen my bazillion posts reminding everyone to vote for his awesomeness in the Gerber Photo Search Contest...well, here's one more. VOTE!!!! I mean, seriously, he couldn't be more Gerber Baby if he tried. And yes, I love Ben just as much and think he is just as handsome (however many people comment on what a cute little girl he is), but he had to sit this one out. No favorites with this Mama!

You can find him by searching, Jake, in Virginia Beach, VA or using his ID, 40592. Yay!

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