Monday, April 1, 2013

my little blog is all grown up now!

It's Relaunch Week!

What does that mean?

Well, for one, it means that Lynsey at ShinyMagic did her amazing creative stuffy-stuffs and built me an awesome new interface that now screams "I'm a real blog!" (a la Pinocchio style) instead of crying "Look at me and my not so bad-ass free blogger template self." For real, if you're looking for a graphic designer to take the reigns and put into play all the tiny thoughts in your head, Lynsey is your gal. And she rocks on the customer service side as well. You can follow her on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. (And be sure to keep reading for some extra fun below!)

Secondly, I've got some great posts planned for this week that I've been saving up just for the relaunch. Now that I'm beyond my winter break and almost to the end of tax season, shooting has kicked it up into high gear and I've got lots to share! I'm post WPPI and ready to hit the ground running. And hopefully that means my archive numbers will reflect a bit more than I post to this blog once in a blue moon. I've committed myself to doing better blogging here, even if it's just tidbits and pieces of everyday life, which as we all know, has enough chaos and humor to support its own sitcom, so I shouldn't have any shortage of material. Oh and I'm still funneling lots of great business tips and creative encouragements to the Hampton Roads Creative, my blog baby #2 with the other local guys and gals, so keep up there as well.

And because every good relaunch deserves a giveaway, I'm trying my hand at the Rafflecopter tool that's popping up everywhere these days and celebrating new creativity with a few of my favorite things. Follow the steps below to win one of the following super fun items:

1. A $20 Dunkin Donuts gift card - Because you may not know this, but they make the best hot chocolate ever. EVER. $20 should buy you hot chocolate heaven for a full week. You're welcome.
2. An admission ticket to my May 19th Shutterbug Basics Class ($75 value) - Learn how to use that fancy DSLR and take better pictures of your kiddos and life in general. Yay!
3. A 50% off coupon for any item in ShinyMagic's Etsy shop (even blog design!) - See!? I told you Lynsey was awesome. She happily contributed to the relaunch and whoever wins this is going to be mega-happy.

The little Rafflecopter thingy is below, so check it out and follow the steps to earn lots of entries. The contest started today, April 1st (for real, no April Fools, I swear!) and will run through until midnight on Friday (well actually, midnight is technically Saturday, but you know what I mean), April 5th. Winners will be announced that following Monday.

Good luck!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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