Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Chosen Few: Adrianna & Nick

Adrianna and Nick are a young, fun couple that just radiate good times and general all-around happy. Toss that with a good dose of humor and sarcasm (and maybe a little devilish prankster), and you've pretty much got my perfect client. I'm so thrilled to include them in my 2013 family and can't wait for their August wedding at The Chamberlin.

I require a portrait session for all of my wedding clients so that we have an opportunity to get to know each other better, practice a bit and develop our approach. I ask them to consider what makes them unique as a couple and how we might tell their story. And then I force them to make a Pinterest board. Ha. No, seriously, I do. Can we just say a collective "Thank God for Pinterest!!" here? "THANK YOU TINY BABY JESUS FOR PINTEREST!!!!!" The reason I push for this particular piece of the creative puzzle is that it helps me to visually understand my client's hearts. It gives me insight to their daydreams, unique style and unexpressed desires when it comes to envisioning their wedding day. Let's be honest, sometimes answering the question "How would you describe your personal style?" is beyond impossible. And...sometimes what we think it is verbally, it isn't visually. Thus, Pinterest is the bridge across the communication chasm that can exist between our mouths and our hearts.

Clearly, Adrianna and Nick were looking to have a good time. And he is, well, obsessed, with soccer. So...we decided to head to York County Sports Complex and hit up the soccer fields. Before we got to the down and dirty practice time, we used the woods at the edge of the fields for some fancier shots.

And then we played soccer. Or pretended to...ha. In the blazing heat.

And then, we took out the water bottles to cool down.


And I should have seen this coming...AFTER.

And thus, the water fight was born.

Adrianna and Nick, I can't wait for your big day! You are one special couple and looking through your images, I am warmed by how genuine and deliriously happy you are together. You make what I do especially fun. And for that, I thank you!!

 photo katysig_zps9f065155.png

See more images from their session, leave them some guest book love and order prints here: http://kbsimplephoto.pass.us/adriannaandnick

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