Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Switching Things Up: Photo Booth Fun

You'll be seeing more of Adrianna & Nick in the coming days, as they just got married at the beautiful Chamberlin, but first I wanted to share a little something different that I did for the very first time.

Adrianna & Nick had their hearts set on having a photo booth. A young and energetic crowd, this seemed like a perfect fit for some major fun at their wedding reception. Thankfully, my second shooter go-to gal pal, Somer, was able to help in that department and the very first KB Photo Booth was born. A simple, yet effective, set was a blast.

It served a couple of purposes, the very best being that the guests have an awesome set of images that they can easily access, order prints and download, thanks to the PASS program that I use for digital transfer to my clients. Secondary to this core reason for the photo booth was that Adrianna & Nick decided to back off on the formal family pictures and instead rely on the photo booth to comprise their favorite memories of those loved ones who shared their special day. Any photographer can tell you, a short list of family photos is a welcome relief, and I was even more excited to see Adrianna & Nick focus their energies where it best reflected their personalities and the character of their friends and family. The memories they got from the photo booth will bring smiles and laughter for years to come.

All that being said, a few things came from this event. The first and most important thing that I've formally decided upon is that I will be adjusting my service options to my clients so that all wedding events include a dedicated second shooter. After having shot alone for several years, I've found that having a second shooter works best for me. I'm creatively inspired by having another artist on hand to share ideas with, have a greater reach during the day and can offer more unique options, like the photo booth, to my incoming clients. The value added to my brides and grooms is without measure and this new decision is one that I'm extremely excited about. Any day that I identify a way that I can better serve my clients is a great day indeed.

 photo katysig_zps9f065155.png

Check out some more photo booth fun below (and yup, I may have snuck in for a "test shot")...and if you're part of Adrianna & Nick's guest list, make sure you've checked the PASS gallery HERE to see your images, order prints and download files to share!

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