Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick Pick: The Studio Hampton Roads

Did you miss it? The great big announcement that I made last week? In case you did, here's the official blog version to keep you up to speed with all things Katy. Most of you have heard me talk about my fabulous second shooter, go-to gal pal Somer of Somer Anne Photography, and I've often referenced The Studio Hampton Roads in recent boudoir posts because the natural light is unparalleled and I'm in love with shooting there. 

So, when Somer expressed a desire to partner up with someone for extra creativity, business fine tuning and just another set of hands, I jumped! What a perfect fit. We already have a great partnership within my own KB Weddings, so coming on board as a partner in The Studio Hampton Roads is another extension of our combined efforts to encourage each other's creative and professional strengths. 

Beginning January 1, 2014, I'll be focusing a lot of my professional energy on helping to run The Studio, increase the awareness for the availability of a meeting and creative space for Hampton Roads artists and small business owners and continue to fine tune my own shooting volume alongside this business to take one step closer to supporting my family in a way that keeps me home and engaged. 

Be sure to follow The Studio Hampton Roads to keep up with some exciting new announcements, upgrades and events for 2014. If you're looking for a great spot to meet clients, shoot boudoir, newborn or other portrait sessions or just a warm versatile space to get together with other creatives to brainstorm and encourage, this is your place! I'm beyond thrilled to be on board and proud to call it my own. 

The Studio Hampton Roads
508 N. Birdneck Road, Suite L
Virginia Beach, VA  23451   

Love to all! 

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