Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The littlest faces of hunger...

This photo makes me cry. Just about every time I look at it. I think it is his eyes. Or the gash above his eye. Or maybe that he just seems solemn. And tired. And troubled.

While at a recent Operation Blessing event in Kansas City, where we distributed over 6,000 bags of free groceries to community families in need alongside players from the Royals and the Chiefs, I was honored to meet this little man. I never got his name, mainly because I was somewhat speechless in his striking eyes. They did all the talking for the both of us as I quietly snapped his picture.

To know that children like this go hungry every day, as their families struggle to make ends meet, breaks my heart. To know their childhoods aren't all butterflies, summer sun and sugar, slays me. These children know a greater depth of life than many adults. They are mature far beyond their years.

I have a unique opportunity to work for Operation Blessing in dual roles. I am proud to be a part of making sure little tummies are filled, and honored to have the opportunity to look through the lens and capture real life and raw emotion. It is a singularly unique role and has provided me clarity, purpose and a deep love for life.

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