Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kansas City: Two Teams, One Goal

I just had to share a quick sneak peak of what I am heading into this weekend in Kansas City. We are celebrating our 9th year of serving those in need in partnership with the Royals and the Chiefs, and this will personally be my second year covering the event. In one day, volunteers, team players, and Operation Blessing staff will come together to break down, bag and distribute over 6,000 bags of free groceries to community families in need.

Below are two very special pictures I captured last year. These two just broke my heart. To see a brother and a sister, so little, walk in such unity and support, lugging their bag of food for their grandmother...Words can't describe. The beauty of seeing a family in tandem during a tough time and the pain of knowing they were struggling to make ends meet.

I am blessed to do the work that I do. Blessed to be a part of changing people's lives for the better. Restoring hope. Lending a helping hand. And even further blessed to have the opportunity to capture the spirit of the day in my photos. The humility of having to ask for help. The encouragement of knowing they can make it through. And the sad reality of what it means to not be able to put food on the table.

I look forward to sharing pictures from this weekend's very special event and ask for your prayers, for safe travel and a smooth event, but most importantly, for those we will help. Pray for these little ones...that better times are coming for them.

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  1. Priceless and are are blessed!


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