Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stephanie and one!

Stephanie and Jim were my second wedding clients ever. What I remember most about their special day was that their family was incredibly awesome. They are a sweet couple, totally mad about each other, and they like to laugh. Their family followed suit and the result was memorable and fun. They were a big part in me realizing I really, really wanted to do this. Be a photographer. Share in people's happiest memories. Get to borrow people's families just for a little bit...

I can't help but include this photo. See how fun they are?!

I couldn't have been more thrilled when I heard they were expecting their first little one together. And even more beside myself with excitement when Stephanie reached out to me to set up some baby photos. As a total rabbit trail, I just have to tell you that my "two Stephanies" as I now fondly call them, met each other! My first wedding, Stephanie and Mike, was of course followed with Stephanie's maternity shoot and those super cute pictures you all remember of tiny Lily with her rainbow tutu and big pink bow. It just so happens that both Stephanie & Mike, and Stephanie & Jim, were both expecting right around the same time. And who would have guessed they would choose the same pediatrician for their babies?! And even better, who would have guessed that they would both be sitting in the waiting room, at the same time, casually eye-balling each other from across the room because they recognized each other from my website and posts! It was a super cool moment for me to realize I had overlapped my worlds and that someone somewhere had actually uttered the words "Kathryn Blevins is your photographer, right?" Somehow, that just made me feel like the real deal. Like Peter Pan's "I'm a real boy!" I wanted to yell "I'm a real photographer!" after hearing them both tell the story.

I digress...

I can't say it enough, but having repeat clients that allow me the distinct honor of capturing the different milestones of their life paths is humbling and beautiful. Spending time with Stephanie and Jim again was so much fun. Their "plus one," who I have dubbed "Little Man Jack" because every time I sort through their photos I see this little man from a farm out in TX in his little face, was such a sweetheart and had the most flawless baby smooth skin and stunning eyes I have seen. Everything about him tickled me with ideas and just joy in his new life. But even better was seeing the blazing pride of a father and mother. Jim and Stephanie adore Jack in such a vibrant way. It was amazing to see how they have grown as a couple and now as parents of a newborn. was even better to realize that Jim and I share a love for Paul's Pasta on Thames Street in Groton, CT. Small world!

Introducing little man Jack!

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