Sunday, July 4, 2010

Special Feature: Emily

When I am not moonlighting as a struggling artist, I am a mom. My daughter, Emily, is my creative inspiration for so many things, encompassing much more than my photography alone. Simply put, she makes me want to be a good person. A better person. She has personality, attitude, grace and most importantly heart. She has an empathy and compassion unmatched by anyone else I have ever met. I could go on for days about how she will rock this world out as she grows up, but I'd be highjacking her post. I promised Emily her own little feature piece on the blog so she can speak to the world.'s Emily!

"Hi. My name is Emily and I'm sending this message to you because I want to say all of the things I like about photographers. First, they make sure that you get the pictures you want and they take all their time just for you. The next thing I like about pictures is the photographers make sure the pictures look very fun and serious and playful and colorful. And they spend all their time on the computers. And that is what I like about photographers and pictures. So have fun with all the pictures you take and on the computer.

I love to take pictures of people, and my favorite sports are swimming, soccer and volleyball. I love to eat ice cream. My favorite type of ice cream is root beer floats. I could have root beer floats every day if I could. My favorite color is pink. And green. And blue. And yellow. And orange. I love pets. I especially love my cat and my dog and I would love to have a farm and have horses, because I also love to go horseback riding.

I love to save up my money for the homeless people that live out on the streets and my mom and I are willing to look up on the internet and work at the soup kitchen. And I also want to work where they get lots of clean water for the rest of their lives because I care about people that are in need. I also did Locks of Love and in this picture you can see that I have long hair, but I actually have short hair because I cut 12 inches off. Just to let you know.

I love to be active and play with my friends. And I also love to have sleepovers with my best friend, Chelsea, and she also has a dog who is a Chihuahua. And I love to make pictures and I love to talk to myself. And I also love to sing in the shower. I love God and Jesus and I love to go to church. That is why I am a Christian. I love to see the sunset and the pink sky. That is so pretty with the blue.


From Katy...please know, I dictated word for word. No help!

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