Monday, October 25, 2010

hayrides, chili and sunshine

Could there be a better combination than that? Yes! Add some amazing kids who deserve a day of play, far from the stress of the real world, a brief escape to where friendship, laughter, good food and good music reign. And you have the perfect autumn day.

Homeless 2 Housing celebrated their Fall Festival yesterday, and since I just can't get enough of these kids, their unique personalities and special hearts, I just had to tag along.

Enjoy a few of my favorite snapshots and keep them in your hearts as you continue in prayerful encouragement for better days ahead for these young minds.

PS. You will see my brilliant tiny assistant, Miss Emily, happily featured here as well. She is becoming a welcome friend to all of the kids and was thrilled to chase chickens with them around the petting zoo. She managed to grab one to cuddle with!

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