Monday, October 18, 2010

Tender heart. Brilliant Mind.

Just a quick note about Homeless 2 Housing tonight. Before getting started, I asked each kid to tell me their name (I am working hard to tackle this...there are so many of them and just the one of me!) and why they like photography. Most giggled through their explanations..."I like colors. It's fun. I like playing with the camera. I don't know!" The responses you expect from most kids when put on the spot and asked to dig deep. I laughed along with them and cheered them for answering my question.

And then it was Iquez's turn. Iquez is a shining star in my class. He is tiny, but feisty. His eyes are bright, his mind is quick. He has always sat front and center each week, always involved, asking questions, commenting, listening. On any given day, he can repeat word for word some of my stories and lessons. He is present. And I love him for it.

But tonight Iquez gave me a gift beyond comprehension. How it made me feel...well, words can't do it justice. I was touched in the very core of my spirit. When asked why he liked photography, Iquez answered:

"I like photography, because when I see your pictures, when I look at them, I feel something inside me. I feel something that says I can be this one day. That maybe if I can't play football forever, I can be a photographer."

Even now, reading it and hearing his quiet voice and thinking of his sweet face and hopeful eyes, I am moved.

Tonight the kids were asked to take five portrait pictures of their teachers. Their only rule was that they had to communicate with the teacher and tell them what they wanted, help to pose them, interact with their "client." They could create traditional portraits, abstract, different emotions, it was entirely up to them. All they had to do was create a vision and explain it to someone else. Most of the kids took some fun pictures, but struggled with the depth of their creativity. These are Iquez's photos:

PS. Just as a final smile...I was having trouble closing one of the cameras up as the latch was acting funky. Iquez said "Here. Give it to me. I will close it for you." And as he started to walk away with it, he turned back, smiled and tapped my arm. "You need to get some muscles." Ha!


  1. God put you and Iquez in each others path for a reason. Great story... tender hearted :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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