Wednesday, November 10, 2010

creative diversions part 2

Just a quick share and happy hello with two more photo montages that will be submitted for Portfolio #5 next week. Word to the wise...if you are just scraping the surface of knowing how to use Photoshop, challenge yourself to do a photo montage. The past two weeks have been more enlightening to me than the past two years of using the program. I think we can sometimes get stuck in the same old small set of key strokes and barely scrape the surface of what the program is able to do. Doing something completely out of my element has forced me to become familiar with tools, filters and layers in a completely new way. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: These images were created to complete a technical assignment for a college classroom environment only. They are not for sale, nor do I claim rights or credit for any of the images used. They were appropriated from various internet engines for use in completing the assignment only. They are not a part of my professional portfolio, will not ever be for sale, and will not be used in any promotional or otherwise published pieces or with any connection or association to any business or professional pursuit. Full credit and rights are due to the original artists (who rock!) and in no way, shape or form would I ever demean their creations by any misuse. Beyond this blog post and my teacher's drop box (give me an A!), they will never be seen or used again!

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