Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby Watch 2011: Welcome Bed Rest!

Duh, duh, duh (fierce, foreboding music of dread)...

I have heard the magic words "You are now on bed rest."

I haven't blogged in FOREVER, mainly because I have been doing two things the past several months as the boys have grown: working and sleeping. Not a lot of time for creative writing, much less creative cleaning, laundry, photography, etc. etc. My bed and I have already become fast friends, although it appears we are just now embarking on what will surely be a BFF love/hate relationship over the course of the next two months.

Yesterday just didn't feel right. I wasn't in pain, but I was awkward. In that strange, gut feeling that something wasn't quite right. I finally called the doctor, who of course sent me straight in for monitoring. Low and behold, the boys were trying to make an early appearance. Turns out my petite structure, while mentally and emotionally encouraging, also holds additional challenges for two growing boys who were in the 97th percentile at my last appointment two weeks ago.

So, here I am. In bed. Laying on my side (which makes for really awkward typing!), downing water like it's nobody's business, and henceforth visiting my second favorite bed rest hot spot, the bathroom. I have my laptop, a good book, my baby registry, Netflix, the Wii, Law & Order and a DVD player calling my name. Somehow I think I will still be bored out of my mind. And somehow I'm pretty sure the laundry downstairs, my poor kenneled puppies, and the knowledge that my husband and daughter have taken over the house and I must table my OCD indefinitely, will be calling louder. I should have known that God would challenge me through this pregnancy in a big way. He has given us an incredible blessing, and I know wholeheartedly that it comes with a purpose and a lesson. And here I stand (well, lay) acknowledging that He is in control, not me.

I'm not going to lie. I need help. The emotional, physical and mental challenges of being confined to the bed for weeks on end are huge. And if I've learned anything from this pregnancy and everything we've gone through in the past two years, it is that asking for help is necessary. You can't do everything. So...anyone who wants to visit with a chat and a smile, anyone who wants to stop by with food, books, movies, etc., anyone who loves cleaning or just coming to play with puppies. ANYONE. ANYWHERE. With a kind and willing helpful heart. You are welcome.

So begins Baby Watch 2011: Day One. With everyone's prayers and support, I am working hard to keep these boys in and growing. On this Mother's Day, it is only fitting that I am seeing my greatest purpose in life, to do what I can for my boys. Which right now, means stopping everything and just being here, still, for them.

PS. A big thanks to Melody Gillikin for the quickie snap shot of my belly! My head is cut off because my hair was WICKED that day. HA!

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  1. Those boys are blessed beyond measure to have you for a mom as I have seen you take the best care of them and they aren't even here yet! I will be praying and sending lots of love your way and some goodies, too...I love you all and I send all of my positive energy into that belly of yours!


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