Saturday, May 14, 2011

Comedic Interlude: Week 1 Survival

Given my obvious incapacity to provide new and interesting photos with this entry, I shall mesmerize you with a picture of the world's cutest dog, our Ivy. (I have to say I identify with this picture as I sit in bed, staring out from the walls of my "cage.") Now, add, oh say...40 pounds (seriously) to said cute frame and you can imagine Ivy in her present 7-month state. I think Jeff even has a picture somewhere that I will have to dig out. Ah ha! Found it! This was taken 8 weeks ago. Looking at it now, she looks insanely tiny in comparison to her present-day beastly form.

Needless to say, she's darn cute. And her fat butt can't make it up the stairs, so as I lay here most of the day, I worry she is forgetting I exist. Thankfully, Jeff carries her up to greet me now and again so she "doesn't forget her mama" and she snorts and wriggles and spews slime all over me for as long as Jeff can hold her (she, unlike every other dog on the planet, does not like to be handled...she is a true independent woman...I swear, it's like having a cat!).

Anyways, here are my thoughts for surviving week 1:

1. Day time TV sucks. I mean, seriously. There is obviously a good reason why most of the world is at work from 9-5. There is NOTHING to watch on TV. NOTHING. I will not admit to the shameless shows I have watched in the last week. Although I will say, sadly, although I thought the day would never come, I am sick of Law & Order.

2. Drinking enough water so that you have to pee, quite literally, every 10 minutes, gets old. FAST. Thank God my bathroom is a mere 10 feet from the bed. Otherwise, I'm not entirely sure how any sort of bed resting would be accomplished as I spend most of my time shuffling to and from the potty. To be honest, I kinda have to go right now, and am determined to finish this post first.

3. When on bed rest, it is imperative to forget the rest of the world (i.e. my house) exists outside of my cave. I made the mistake of venturing downstairs yesterday, only to run back up and wish I could block the horrific images of my home from my memory. Yeah, yeah, I am sure it is not that bad, you say. But to someone with OCD, relinquishing all control to two unruly dogs, my husband and a 10 year's like bachelor heaven has come to reign. (I say that ONLY as related to cleanliness. Both Jeff and Emily have been absolute troopers thus far. Jeff works long hours all day and then comes home to cook dinner and try and keep up as best he can. Emily has become my personal nursemaid, filling water bottles, bringing snacks, and has also become the sole caretaker of the pups. They both rock. But...they're both dirty punks when it comes to cleanliness!)

Ok, said reference in #2 of this post has refused to be patient, so I will wrap it up for now. A huge thanks to all those generous friends who have signed up on the Meal Baby registry to bring us dinners, donated books, a fridge, cleaning help, company and countless other helpful offerings as we get by. And three cheers for one more week the boys got to take their time growing and developing as they should! Keep those prayers coming!!!!!!

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