Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Men!

Now, I'm nothing if not motivated. And it's purely due to timing that I didn't have my house plastered in tiny blue whales with a giant wave pool out front to perfectly execute my little whale spout theme for the boys' first birthday; complete with ocean-themed food choices, a giant mascot and some real fish. Maybe even a real baby whale. A tiny one.

So, in lieu of this baby whale mecca time crunch, I threw a giant BBQ instead. And I called in a pro (see HERE if you want to be reminded why calling in a pro when necessary is VITAL to your survival). And of course, she didn't disappoint. (And neither did my husband's burgers and my friend, Jen's, amazing strawberry shortcake salad. Which, is of course naturally healthy because it is called salad, right?)

Kelly of Trendy Baby took my vision, ran away with it, and came promptly back with awesomeness. Seriously, after a quick bout of Pinterest, she took my idea and made magic.

Welcome signs, cupcake sticks, thank you tags, onesies and a giant banner were all wows! oooohs! and ahhhhs! on the big day. And thanks to the talented and supremely sweet Somer at Somer Anne Photography (There it is again! Call the pros!), I was awarded the great comfort of sitting back, enjoying the boys' party with friends and family, knowing that every little beautiful memory was being captured and I didn't have to worry one bit. Praise Jesus.

It was a perfect day. They are one. Holy cow. Oh...and they like cake! Well, cupcakes at least. They inhaled them. And then about 5 minutes later would randomly scream happily. Hello sugar rush!

Here is the family picture we took while they both yelled "Ahhhhhh!" (just like they were saying "Cheese!!!!!") the whole time. Photographer's kids, huh?

Kelly is on the up and up with personalized items for your baby showers, birthday parties and general cuteness collection. She never disappoints and puts great effort into quality and detail, right down to her perfect packaging. And in another gesture of her super coolness, if you mention this blog post when you start dreaming up your own personalized items, she'll give you 10% off on any new orders between now and August 31, 2012! How's that for great news! Jake says "Yay!!"

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  1. Love my little men...and the photos and the decorations were out of this world!


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