Friday, June 15, 2012

a good dose of my own medicine

I go on and on in my photography classes about knowing when to call in the pros, knowing when to be in the memories and not capturing them, knowing when you're out of your league, etc. etc. etc. And yeah, I bit it hard core this past weekend thinking I could shoot the boys' 1st year cake smash session. (Yes! Holy cow they are almost 1 year old!!!!!!) A big, gigantic fiery crash and burn.

First, apparently my kids don't like cake. Or frosting. Ummm...hello? Whose kids are you?!

Second, Jake suffers from separation anxiety. Which results in him clamoring for Mama, wherever she may be, by speed crawling, frosting covered, to me, with my incredibly expensive, unfrosted and I'd like to stay that way, camera.

Third, Ben suffers from separation anxiety too. Which results in him crying bloody murder, all by himself on his little island of loneliness, until someone, preferably Mama, rescues his frosted butt. Well, in his case, his frosted toes. Because that was the only part of him he let touch the cake. His toes.

All in all a good time. Memorable, yes. Priceless, yes. Photographically mind-blowing. A big, fat no.

So, lesson learned. Big dose of sticky, icky medicine downed right here by me. I should have called in the pros. Do you believe me now?!

PS. The amazing banner (that you can only see part of because I never even had a chance to properly compose myself) was made by Trendy Baby. She totally rocks at personalizing super cute baby stuff. I'll be sharing more about her excellent talent after the boys' birthday party, but if you need something creative made for your kiddos, she's your gal!

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  1. I totally get your point...having said that...I must say that your crash and burn pictures are still better than what I would've taken! I think these pics tell an adorable story...but, it would've been so much easier for mommy to not have to be a photographer and mommy at the same time!


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