Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bella, Bella

As I continue my love/hate relationship with my 85mm lens, I'm happy to report this little mini sesh was ALL LOVE.

Let's be honest, Bella makes it pretty easy with that natural beauty that just radiates from within. She's my step-sister, so maybe I'm a bit partial to her awesomeness, and when she got all giddy when I mentioned wanting to play with my 85mm, I jumped at the chance to take her out. Yes, please!

Things I'm learning about my Sigma 85mm 1.4. It's a sensitive little puppy. I have to be super careful with my depth of field. I am a stickler for super sharp eyes and if I'm not careful with my aperture, what I could normally pull off with my 50mm, I cannot pull off with my 85mm. I find myself hovering around f/4 to achieve the results I'm looking for. I think as my comfort level grows with more use, I'll inch that f-stop wider open.

But for now, practice makes perfect and here's the lady of the hour. I pushed the lens to get as intimate and tight as I could, in order to really test the depth of field and develop my sweet spot. After this session, I know I'm one step closer to falling head over heels for this puppy. I can say one thing with certainty, there is nothing about this lens that reeks of off-brand. It works hard and can hold its own like a champ.

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