Monday, August 26, 2013

Quick Picks: Case of the Mondays

So, lately, I've been shooting lots of boudoir and bridal sessions. And that of course is awesome and makes my heart happy for a million reasons. But the rough part is that most of those don't make it to the blog. Or if they do, it's a long time coming. And yes, I get super antsy sitting on the images of such amazing ladies, but more importantly, the blog ends up being a ghost town.

So I've decided to do some additional writing for the blog just to keep things spicy. :) I'm calling them Quick Picks, and they'll be little tidbits of whatever strikes my fancy. Quick little reads, encouragements, funny stories...a little something, something to perk up your day.

I ran across this on Pinterest the other day, and it immediately became my computer screen background at work. (Found at with lots of other fun Bible verse printables.)

The thing that struck me was the pairing of power, love and self-discipline. I love God's gentle reminder that power is a big tool that is often mis-used and that likewise, love doesn't mean letting yourself get walked on. The key to power and love is self-discipline. With power, knowing how to properly reign it in and keep that ego in check and lead with grace, and with love, knowing when to draw healthy boundaries and guide those you love to better relationships grounded in truth and justice.

Self-discipline. I'm working hard to keep asking myself daily "Are you approaching this moment with self-discipline?" 9 times out of 10, if the answer is "no," I'm in the wrong and need to read this verse and ask myself what I can do better.

How can you live with a spirit of power and love that is girded in self-discipline? This is my daily charge and challenge. I love that God encourages us to contemplate our hearts in such a gentle way. In just a few words, He challenges my core and brings awareness to my weaknesses, while also revealing His greater intention for my spirit.

Be blessed!

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