Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quick Picks: You have to Fail to Succeed

Ran across this quote today:

"If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself." - Ferdinand Porsche, Founder of Volkswagen

This encouraged me. So often, as business owners, as human beings, we are overwhelmed by the magnitude of our failures. We wallow and dissect and wallow some more. And dissect some more. I'm sure we've all had our moments. As artists, as parents, spouses, friends. Jeez. Life.

But the great reminder here is that a life devoid of failure is a life that never took a risk. Never set the bar higher. Never pushed the limit. A life without failure was stagnant. A flat-liner.

I want to look back on my life and know that I challenged myself to something better. Something bigger. And that ultimately, all those crash and burn moments only fueled a greater fire towards a better place.

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