Monday, October 28, 2013

30 Things: If I Could Have 3 Wishes

If you're somehow just falling into my 30 Things series, here's the inspiration behind the challenge. Here are the first five from the blog if you're interested in playing catch up:

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5. 5 Things that Make me Most Happy

And now for #6. Three wishes. This is a good one.

1. I'd wish for all the money I'd ever need.
I phrased this one deliberately. All of the money I'd ever NEED. Not ever WANT. I'd wish for the money to make sure my family was well cared for...proper home, safe cars, future education, food, health care...the good stuff. I'd wish for enough to make life simple, less stressful, but reasonable. Money can be dangerous and if you don't pay attention, it can ruin everything. I don't want all of the money in the world. I just want enough to cover our needs and remove the stress of not always knowing if we'll be able to provide the future for you that we hope for as we stare at those tiny brains and personalities at work and know you are meant for greatness.

2. I'd wish for cures for all major diseases and sicknesses.
At first, I thought to wish for the cure for cancer, because it's a disease I hate and know so personally. Then I thought, wouldn't I want to wish for good health and an end to all medically related issues for all? And I figured that would tilt the cosmic balance of the planet and we'd all live forever and there would have to be 60 people to a house because there was no room for us all. And I don't want to wish for something that makes the world implode (and yes, I'm taking my wishes very literally). For one, death is a part of life, we all get sick sometimes, and learning to cope through difficulties is an important character lesson. Secondly, when it comes to "afflictions" (I use that term loosely, because it offends me)like blindness or deafness or Down Syndrome...well, in short, I think life is more interesting with those people in the world and I think they are some of the most beautiful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and their uniqueness makes them amazing and teaches us how to stay human, among a million other lessons that we desperately need to learn. In so many cases, they are the standard to which we should measure our own lives. So, with all that in mind, I settled on wishing for a cure for the big stuff. Cancer, AIDS...the ugly stuff that rips lives apart. Oh, and the stomach flu. Nobody needs that.

3. I'd wish for everyone to know and love Christ.
This probably should have been my number one, but I write how I speak and sometimes it takes me a minute to get around to the important stuff. This wish has two parts, one, that everyone could know and love Christ and be intimately aware of the hope that comes from a personal relationship with Him. It's like feeling the warmth of the sun after the darkest night. But two, that those who know and love Him would act as He would, truly, in love. That the word Christian would no longer be synonymous with hate and judgment, and that all Christians would wear their faith and beliefs as a banner of love and encouragement, not a war cry for their own egos and perceived injustices. That's a big wish. I'm probably cheating by including it here. Wishing away the fractured state of the church and the poor example so many have set for the world really deserves its own spot. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

What's up next for 30 Things? Stay tuned for What is Your Dream Job and Why?

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