Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 2 Survival: The Kindness of Friends

So today marks the end of Week 2: Babywatch 2011. Bed rest continues to be a mental, physical and spiritual challenge. To say I am bored doesn't even begin to cover it. To say my whole body aches from being so sedentary doesn't even begin to cover it. BUT. At the end of each day, I am eternally grateful for each second that passes by allowing the boys to grow and flourish and have the time they need to fully develop into the healthy, perfect miracles we know they are.

This week has been a huge reminder of just how important it is to have good friends. I am blessed to say that I have a lot of good friends. Great friends. Life wasn't always that way for me, and I've long battled my independence and love of solitude to make time for other people in my life. It amazes me how much love and kindness people are willing to give when they see someone in need. We have had meals brought, offers to clean the house, books brought, people stopping by just to keep me company, even my hairdresser (who has become a dear friend) has offered to come to my house to trim my hair since I can't make it to the salon. Not to mention, we have a nursery, ready and waiting, that is bursting with clothes, toys and helpful items, many of which were given to us by people we barely even know out of the goodness of their hearts.

The picture above is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She was supposed to be my last bride for the season before I planned to head into down time to await the boys arrival. Needless to say, that down time arrived sooner than anticipated and I found myself having to find back up and admit I just wasn't up for the task. This was a huge disappointment for me, and I'll be honest, I know it was a huge disappointment for her (not tooting my own horn, just acknowledging that yes, I added to her stress rather than relieving it). Yet, she didn't voice one ounce of complaint, fear or even a second of frustration at the situation. She instead, being a true woman of Christ, encouraged me through prayers and Scripture, told me she knew God was in control and she had full faith that everything would work out. And she even offered to stop by to keep me company.

Yesterday, she married the love of her life. And in the busyness of her day, I got this picture sent to my phone. And it touched me. The most important day of her life, when a million things were going all around her and it was a day that could truly be declared HER DAY when she is utterly allowed to be selfish and suck in every little moment for herself and her husband. And she took a minute to say hello. It meant a lot. As I was home praying for her day, beautiful weather, perfect pictures, everything we had talked about and imagined during her engagement and bridal sessions, coffee meetings and more, she took a moment to remember me. Thanks Laura! You were a stunning bride, and are a shining example of our Lord. I know the life ahead of you and Thomas will be blessed beyond measure and I am so happy to know you.

I must also take a moment to give props to one of my dearest friends, Miss Melody Gillikin. A fabulous character full of spunk, creative juices, and a heart for the Lord, Melody has been nothing short of a miracle to me. She is an incredibly talented photographer, and has most graciously and tirelessly worked to cover the gaps for me with my clients. I can honestly say that I was able to get through yesterday without one ounce of fear or worry because I knew Melody had everything under control (and I even let her borrow the Mama Blevo to use as a back up, and NOBODY takes the Mama Blevo from my camera bag except me. NOBODY.). Melody, I know the Lord blesses you in your willingness to help a friend and I know the hopes you have for your future in photography and I believe wholeheartedly that your spirit and faith are propelling you there faster than you think. I am forever indebted to you!

And to showcase Mel's amazing handiwork, here is a sneak peek! Shot and edited by Melody Gillikin Photography.

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  1. It was a CRAZY but a WONDERFULLY CRAZY day! Now you get to do all the editing...which at 1k photos (all by my lonesome! no wonder I am whooped today) will certainly keep you and your creativeness busy for at least a week or more! Love ya! and your not indebted to me...that was my gift to you and the boys <3


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