Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week 4 Complete: Hello, chipmunk.

I will be 31 weeks tomorrow. And holy cow, I've entered the chipmunk phase. I kept telling myself, well at least your face still looks pretty slender. Your weight is astronomical, but it seems to be all baby. And then I saw this picture. And said, "Hello, chipmunk." I admit it, I had a moment. One of those, I can't believe I'm on bed rest, living life like an ever-growing couch potato, when will this end moments. It's been a rough week. It seems I have reached the point of total and utter discomfort in pretty much any position. There are few moments of relief. My doctor tells me to keep reminding myself that I am presently at the same point as a full-term, 40 week singleton pregnancy would be, as if that somehow makes the discomfort more bearable.

Anywho, enough whining. At the end of the day, if my cheeks are plump, the babies' cheeks are plump, and that makes me smile. And if the activity in my belly is any indication, they are blissfully happy and presently training to be Olympic super athletes.

I don't have too much to report this week, other than admitting I am absolutely addicted to Lost and spend most of my time working my way through the 120 available episodes on Netflix (Praise God for Netflix!). I am presently on episode 43. Yes, that's right, 43 hours of TV. And another 80 or so to go. Other things I love right now: Pandora. My giant Boppy body pillow. My Blackberry Klondike game.

Two prayer requests:

1. If you happen to think of it, pray for me between the hours of 8PM-10PM. These are my "bewitching" hours. It's usually when I'm mentally tired and wishing I could just fall asleep to pass the hours. And usually about the same time my body throws an absolute tantrum at being sedentary all day and becomes so restless that any position makes me antsy and sleep evades me. I dread these hours every day. Once I finally fall asleep, I'm good. But the road there is rough and it's one of my more depressing and frustrating times.

2. Our little Ivy (see previously posted amazingly cute bulldog pup pics) is pretty sick. She, being a high maintenance breed, seems to be our special needs dog (as if I thought anyone could top Tucker's neediness and seizures!) and has terrible seasonal allergies. She is itchy, pretty uncomfortable, and truth be told, looks kind of like a mangy mutt right now because she has lost patches of fur all over. She is on some pretty heavy antibiotics, a special diet of wheat-free food, and a host of other attempts to get her past this and more comfortable going into the summer. She is the sweetest pup ever and has the cutest little face and it breaks my heart to see her wriggle in discomfort. So, pray that these antibiotics finally do the trick and she is back to her regular insane puppy self in no time.

PS. My lovely sidekick in this picture is my bestie, Becky. For those that know me personally, you know Becky. For those that don't, I can only tell you I hope you have at least one Becky in your life!

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  1. Love this picture and love you guys! I hope to keep at least one becky in my life at all times:) Missing you and praying often.... XOXO Keri


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