Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inside and Out

She is humble and feisty. Opinionated and tender. She laughs big and cries hard. She is woman. And she is beautiful, inside and out. And on this day, and forevermore, she was, and is, the most beautiful bride in the whole wide world.

Braden, you touched my heart. You are an absolute joy to know and I was incredibly proud of you on your wedding day. It's a funny thing when a client becomes a friend. You find yourself marveling at the amazing blessing it is to be in the inner circle on the most important day of their life. It's not a job anymore. It's more. So much more. And to see all of your planning, giddy expectations, hopes and dreams come to pass as you walked down the aisle towards your soul was something to behold.

Thank you for your spirit, whimsy, clarity and endless excitement. You radiate a deep love for life and I envy a woman that knows what she wants and makes it happen with such grace and class. I look forward to watching you and your husband grow in your life together and appreciate the opportunity to capture such a thrilling time for you both.

Congrats and blessings abundant.

PS. Matt, you're pretty cool too.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I really don't know what to say! What can I say to that!?!? You are wonderful and I am so blessed that you are a friend! xoxoxo


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