Monday, May 21, 2012

Affordable Wedding Portraits: The Prelude

I recently announced some exciting changes to my business structure that will dramatically shift my focus for 2013. Here is another piece of that puzzle which I had promised to explain further.

I am thrilled to now offer my clientele an affordable and uniquely creative approach to wedding photography. Traditionally, wedding photography has been a whole day affair, costing thousands of dollars and rightly so. The work put in by your photographer on the front and back ends of your special day far outreach what you probably think. We've all read the "Photographers make crazy money and it's not fair!" blogs and the corresponding "Why doesn't anyone understand what we do and how we do it?" reply posts. I'm not about to enter the fray with my own two cents, so I'll wrap that up quickly by saying that your memories are priceless and with that in mind, and a million other facets, the price you pay is well worth it. Every step of the way. And honestly, if you're reading my blog, you are interested in me well enough to know where I stand on that issue and why. So...moving along.

What happens to those people who can't afford to invest thousands of dollars into full coverage event photography?

I believe those people deserve beautiful and powerful wedding photographs too. With that in mind, I have introduced a new approach. Say hello to The Prelude. My newest package offers three hours of First Look and bridal party portraits. What does this mean? It means that we will be taking the time to develop a vision of your wedding memories with a practical mindset. We are shifting the focus from event photography to portrait photography and achieving the beautiful portraits you are dreaming about on your walls, in your albums and on your thank you cards, while letting go of the concept of full day storytelling.

Is this is trade off? Absolutely.

But consider the pay off.

If you can't afford to pay for a full coverage package from the photographer whose images you love and are forced to "downgrade" to a photographer that is in your budget, what happens to your final product? Which do you value more? The smaller collection of images you adore and are everything your heart envisioned when you thought about your wedding day or the larger collection of images that covers every detail of your day and saved your pocketbook, but are ultimately lackluster in your eyes because you chose them based on finances?

Let me be clear in that I am not trashing full coverage wedding photography. That is not my intent in the slightest, especially considering it is one of the services I happily offer and greatly enjoy. My goal is to provide an option for those clients who are ultimately disappointed in the end because they were forced to choose with their wallets instead of their hearts. And in this economy, we are all forced with those types of decisions from time to time. Here is your light at the end of the tunnel!

The Prelude will be comprised of a few pieces. First, we will work together to draw up a vision of your ideal wedding images based on your personalities, style and approach to your special day. Then, we will plan a First Look portrait piece on your wedding day that provides the perfect intimacy for you and your beloved to celebrate your excitement as a bride and groom. Finally, we will plan a bridal party piece where everyone can come together to join in with the anticipation and delight in being a part of your lives in this special moment. The end result will be a body of work that was created by an artist that inspired you creatively and highlights the emotions you felt, people you love most and the beauty of marriage in every way you had imagined, while still giving you piece of mind and a collective sigh of relief. Yay!

If you are interested in learning more about this new approach, visit the website and be sure to fill out the contact form so we can start dreaming up your unique wedding portrait session and reviving the hope that you can have the images you've always desired.

PS. A client meeting is still required to book The Prelude to ensure a proper creative fit, and like other KB Packages, they are geared towards clients looking to explore beyond posed snapshots and are interested in developing a unique style in their images that is all their own.

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