Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Chosen Few: What Does This Mean?

The idea of The Chosen Few was born out of circumstance, quite honestly. When I found out that I was pregnant with twins, I knew that 2011 would be an interesting year for me and that I should probably cover my bases by limiting my workload. Given I got put on bed rest for just about forever (really, it wasn't that bad...I know many moms that were on strict bed rest for MUCH longer than me and they were champs!), I was out of commission for a good portion of the year once everything was said and done.

What I found is that the few clients I did book got an interesting unexpected bonus. I found myself building deeper relationships with this small group, contacting them more frequently, dreaming up creative designs and stylized visions of their wedding days, meeting just to chat and catch the time their events came around, we were fast friends and I felt hugely invested in their special day, but more importantly, in their lives. The relationships I built during 2011 have proved to be a huge blessing to me in a way I never anticipated. From visits at the hospital, meals at home, nights sharing a bottle of wine and encouraging notes and texts, I found unique friendship. And as an aside, I found I was more inspired and more proud of their final images.

What a novel concept. Right? Maybe not. It seems to me that it is only common sense that your artistic expressions would benefit from deeper, concentrated personal investments in your muse, would it not? And yet, so often we see the chasm between client and vendor widen, and forget that we are in the people business, not the transaction business. And that we are first and foremost, artists.

Completely unbeknownst to me, I had stumbled upon a gem. One I've decided to perpetuate. Does it mean less transactions, and ultimately less cash flow, for me? Sure. I bet it does. But it also means that the clients I work with are a perfect creative fit. I am inspired by them, invested in them and enjoy every second of building our relationship in anticipation of their wedding days. And they get a better me. In every way.

The Chosen Few will be four clients selected annually for full event coverage that will get more than just a photographic technician on their wedding day. They will get a fully attentive creative designer who plans to invest time, energy, love and artsy spunk into their most precious day. It will be a process, a growing season, a collaborative development of your vision and expectations for your wedding photography. An engagement session will be a requirement with a special focus on defining your unique characteristics and story as a couple. We will chat, laugh, email, drink coffee (well, hot chocolate for me), pin to our little hearts' content, and dream, dream, dream. So that on your wedding day, you know without a shadow of a doubt, that everything you imagined will be right before your eyes and you can enjoy your day as you should, carefree, full of bliss and confident. It's your time to shine! I can't wait to tell your story. And gain new friends!

I promise I won't do this on your day. Well, not tooooooo much. And of course, I'll be laughing WITH you, not AT you. ;)

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