Friday, May 18, 2012

Know Your Limits

For my regular readers, you're very familiar with my challenges with OCD, my greatest and worst talent at being overly ambitious, driven and a raging perfectionist. You have also seen my journey over the past year of rebranding, redefining and reshaping my business so that I am able to give the best parts of me to the areas of my life that deserve it most.

It's time for another piece of the puzzle to fall into place. Just today, I announced that I am officially booked through October. I have committed to myself, my family and those friends in this industry that hold me accountable that I will not be taking any additional bookings through this time. I will be leaving available space open for possible Shutterbug photography classes, and depending on the interest level, those spaces may become confirmed dates or they may become family weekends. In short, I won't be trading those spots for additional sessions.

I am working hard to know my limits. As I've always said, this ultimately benefits you most as the client. Developing a better understanding of my workload, available time and creative energy, and continuing to hone in on how that is tangibly defined in my business means that my clients know that I am actively pursuing the business model that will give them the very best results by making sure I am my very best me. So...a few new things...

I will be focusing my energy in a few specific genres:

1. Education
The Shutterbug Photography Series will continue to progress at full steam. My heart is truly invested in encouraging people to value knowledge. I absolutely love empowering people to take control of their cameras and understand what they are doing and why. It's incredibly fun for me to teach (you KNOW I'm not short on words!) and watch the light bulbs flash as the fundamentals of photography finally come into focus. This series will continue to be geared towards amateur photographers seeking to improve their personal photographs of family and friends.

2. Engagements
This is an area that constantly challenges me to develop new approaches, ideas and creative design. I connect closely with my couples and really enjoy the intimate relationship that comes from discovering the uniqueness of two people's life story together. I commit here and now to dig deeper into this special spot in my heart.

3. Boudoir
I adore boudoir. I take a fine art approach to celebrating the female form and find my deepest inspiration here. There is nothing better than introducing a woman to her own natural beauty. I am hoping to grow this area of my creative expression and have some very exciting projects in the works.

4. Weddings
My wedding approach will be changing significantly in 2013. I will be available on a regular basis for those clients who are most interested in their wedding portraits and less interested in full day event coverage. What I mean by that is that my main package will offer a First Look portrait package for 2-3 hours and possibly ceremony coverage only. This package dovetails with my love for engagement sessions, and is a next step approach to taking the time to develop your wedding portraits with fresh creative brainstorming and the creation of a unique and incredibly special time spent together celebrating your journey and love. It will also prove to be an affordable option for those who desperately want powerful images, but may not be able to budget for full wedding coverage. I'll explain more on this later.

I will only be offering 4 full coverage weddings each year. These weddings will continue to fall under the banner of "The Chosen Few" and will follow similar package offerings as are presently in place. This was a tough decision for me, but one I firmly believe in and one I've seen working for me over the past year.

Focusing on these 4 genres naturally leaves a few unanswered questions. I will no longer be doing newborn, family or maternity portraits. I may choose to continue with present clients from time to time, but the majority will be passed on to very worthy and trusted friends in this industry who have a deep heart for such special moments. I will also no longer being doing basic event coverage (birthday parties, holiday parties, etc.) and will offer similar recommendations.

This is a lot to take in, I'm sure. It's a lot for me. But I feel led by God to focus on my family and to know and respect my limits. And I firmly believe that obedience to what's on my heart will prove to be a huge blessing in the future. It will take some time to get my website and approach in order to reflect these changes, so I appreciate your patience and continued support as I develop as an artist. You guys rock!

And so do my little 'dids.

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