Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Chosen Few: Kate & Tom

The word adoration doesn't adequately describe how Tom feels about Kate. As I was sorting through their photographs, one thing was crystal clear. Tom couldn't take his eyes off of her. As she danced and laughed and enjoyed every second of their wedding day, he looked at her with absolute awe. He was mesmerized. And rightly so. Kate is a character. She is sharp, beautiful, bright, witty. She's one of those people that is loved by everyone. She knows how to have fun, she's sweet, she's passionate, she can be silly and classic at the same time. She's Kate.

Tom & Kate, thank you so much for letting me tag along on your special day. When Tom grabbed the microphone out of the blue and suddenly said "I just need to say a few words. Kate, I am so in love with you and could not be any happier in this moment and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you," I thought to myself, "More people need to love like that."

You're going to have an amazing life together and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to celebrate with you both. Things I loved about your day: you both value family in a very special way. Seeing all of the tiny details in how you celebrated your heritage and those who had gone before you was really honest, classic and gracious. Tom, you're a man in uniform. I respect and admire you and your comrades in a very big way. You guys love rock music. Seriously. I loved watching you dance and sing. And Kate, your blue shoes. Amen, sista.

One last thing...your wine box. Truly unique. Truly you. I'm rarely surprised and that one got me good. Can't wait to feature you on the Hampton Roads Creative! Until then...it's my little secret!

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