Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Orchestrated Stylized Shoots: Forevergreen

First things first...in case you haven't noticed, there has been a ton of stuff posted recently on the page about a certain amazingly awesome company called Orchestrated Stylized Shoots. So much so, I'm sure I may have had you wondering what was with my new-found obsession? And yes, I think it can be categorized properly as "obsession," because I am quite literally overwhelmed with excitement. I am thrilled to have joined the team as the Logistics Coordinator, which means I have found the perfect home for my crazy. I get to be a part of planning, executing and celebrating uniquely styled photographic shooting events all over the country and right here in Hampton Roads. Could there possibly be a better job for me? I really don't think so. In short, you'll be seeing a lot more Orchestrated stuff in 2013, because my heart is anxious to share such an exciting move with you. And for those of you with a creative bone in your body and a good camera, keep close, because you don't want to miss out on some fabulously original events that will knock your socks off.

My first official event was this past weekend: Forevergreen. Part of the great fun of Orchestrated is bringing together local vendors in a collaborative vision to bring a theme to life, down to the tiniest details. Here are the amazing vendors that contributed to this past weekend's event:

Concept Design | Chelsea LaVere
Venue | Vintage Tavern
Stationery | The Girl Tyler
Florals | Studio Posy
Bridal Gown | Pure English Couture
Bridesmaid Gown | J. Crew
Hair | Chelsea Styles
Makeup | Kristine Marie Makeup Artistry
Bridal Necklace | Laurel’s Bench
Models | Christina & Kyle, Braden

The concept was born from the idea of a bride and groom who were just married in a private, intimate setting with their one witness, the bridesmaid, and were now coming back to celebrate with friends and family with a cozy brunch of holiday inspired, comfort foods that just made you want to curl up with a blanket in front of the fireplace. It was inspired by evergreen branches, winter, natural touches and simple charm. And some ridiculously good food. I can't say enough about Vintage Tavern. I have never tasted anything so amazing in my life, and their decor...well, to say they were a perfect fit is simply an understatement.

Studio Posy rocked the flowers from top to bottom and took our "Play, have fun and do what you do. We trust you!" to the heavens and back. And yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Our beautiful models for this shoot were none other than some of my favorite clients, Braden, former bride turned bestie, and Christina & Kyle, one of my most anticipated 2013 The Chosen Few couples.

Honestly, I could go on forever. I can't say enough about the vendors and how they each contributed their whole selves to each part of the puzzle. The resulting ambiance simply could not be achieved without everyone's creative commitment, from the perfectly styled hair and makeup, to the uniquely crafted necklace, to the organically designed stationary. Each tiny patchwork piece comes together, and it's a marvel.

But the most fun...watching everyone else get excited when they arrive and knowing they are thoroughly enjoying themselves as they shoot, chat and play.

My next adventure with Orchestrated will be a January 2013 field trip to Philly, PA for "Welded." Registration is open now, so if you're game for a road trip (and trust me, you should be - it will be well worth it!), grab your spot and get in on the action!

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