Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Chosen Few: Nichole & Daniel

By now, you know Nichole & Daniel very well. Two of my very favorite, amazing all-around, fabulous people, dear friends and perfect clients. On the off chance you're in here for the very first time, you can read about them HERE. And HERE. Oh and HERE too. Oh wait, and Nichole snuck in HERE too. I told ya. They're loyal faves. ;)

To say I'm excited for Nichole & Daniel to become parents doesn't quite do it justice. In fact, I'm not sure what words would adequately describe how overjoyed I am for them. I'm not in the habit of shooting maternity sessions anymore now that I've focused on weddings, engagements and boudoir, but of course I couldn't pass them up when they asked me. And knowing Nichole and her heart for art and appreciation for photography, I knew it would push my own creative limits to new levels. Plus, I just like seeing their smiling faces. (Although Daniel did crack a joke about my not-so-subtle, super hot pink brand new Kelly Moore bag of awesomeness, for which I forgive him his manly disconnect from what is clearly the best bag on the planet.)

It rained on the day of their session. And being the champs that they are, they said, "We can get wet." So, after doing some inside stuff, we braved the weather, and Daniel played doting assistant covering me with a ginormous umbrella, and we rushed through some portraits. Normally, rushing and bad weather would give me an anxiety attack, but with them, everything comes so naturally, we just needed a few minutes and bam! Perfection.

Seriously, you guys know how much I love you. I am blessed to know you in more ways than I can count, and you are going to be two of the most spectacular parents I know. And our boys are going to be best friends. FOREVER.

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  1. They definitely are an amazing couple! Can't wait for baby B to get here!


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