Saturday, July 27, 2013

Second Shooting: Emi & Sean

Several weeks ago I had the great pleasure of serving as the second shooter for one of my very favorite friends, Sarah, of Sarah Mariel Photography. I am delighted to assist her in any circumstance, but it only sweetened the deal to learn that this particular wedding was at a dream location, the Colonial Heritage Golf Club in Williamsburg, and that the couple was, well, in a word, amazing.

Emi & Sean. What can I say? For just meeting them on the day of their wedding, I was instantly aware and warmed by their hearts for each other and those around them. Emi especially reveled in the specialness of her wedding day, taking in every moment, savoring and contemplating it, and stamping it on her heart. It was a moving experience as a photographer and I was honored to play a part in capturing the essence of their love and her experience as a bride.

It was about a bazillion degrees out, but that didn't seem to phase anyone in the slightest. Armed with mini battery-powered fans, lots of water and a thoroughly positive outlook, their wedding day was perfect in every way. And the best part about being a second shooter was that I found myself settling in to simply observing the day as it unwrapped, which gave me the opportunity to capture raw emotion and intimate moments that were really special.

Emi & Sean, I've known you for a grand total of about 10 hours, and yet, you've both made quite the impression on me. I loved every minute of your wedding day and thank you for sharing with me. Sarah, I owe you big time for letting me tag along for such a special affair! Congratulations to you both, your families and those friends who joined you in celebration. It was truly a day to remember.

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Be sure to check out Sarah's full blog post on Emi & Sean HERE and follow her photography on Facebook HERE. She recently relocated to the West Coast, and I will miss her more than I can say. For my West Coast readers, if you need a photog, she is your gal for sure!

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