Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick Picks: Long Weekend = Extra Homework, Insanity and Some Grilled Shrimp

It's Tuesday. But if feels like Monday. Long weekend blues/fog/utter exhaustion are upon me. What do long weekends look like for you? Here's what they look like for me.

A long weekend for the small business owner:
- Extra homework (Yup, I did it again. More website redos. I swear, I'm an addict. The best and worst part of Showit? I can access my website ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Which in OCD speak means it will never be perfect.)
- More homework (I recently acquired a new friend who being generally awesome in all things friendship and business related, has given me a task list a mile long to help amp up my worldly presence. I wish I could tell you all to "get yourselves a Dana," but I won't. Because she's all mine. And I love her. And you can see the previous OCD reference and remember that I admit to not sharing well.)

A long weekend for the owner of 2 year old twins, a preteen and a husband:
- I don't even know what to write here. I'm pretty sure the weekend is being blocked out in my mind.
- CHAOS. DARKNESS. SCREAMING. GNASHING OF TEETH. I think I'm having flashbacks.
- You know what 2 years old looks like with twins? It looks a lot like "Oh dear God, a long weekend. How bad is it going to be? I can't wait to go back to work on Monday. I mean, Tuesday. Damn!"
- Bonus: Ben has learned to say "I love you, mommy." I will remind myself of this sweetness as I try to forget the copious amounts of toys that had to be bleached beyond oblivion because someone is not quite ready for potty training and some other persons who shall not be named did not notice right away when I left to go buy a plant down the street for 20 minutes. Yes, plant shopping was the highlight of my day yesterday. Oh and the grilled shrimp. WIN.

A long weekend for the artist:
- Amazingly awesome engagement session in my new favorite corner of the world, downtown Cape Charles. See above references for why I haven't shared a sneak peek yet, but stay tuned! It's coming tonight and will hit the blog later this week. And for anyone who visits Cape Charles soon, make sure you visit brown dog ice cream. Your tummy will thank me later. FOR REAL.

 photo katysig_zps9f065155.png

Pretty sure my life with twin boys at age 2 is always some state of this (via Pinterest):

TRUTH. And yes, we go on "rides" several times a weekend just so I can strap them in, hear them giggle at passing trucks and tractors (Ben loves to say "excavator," seriously, the kid is brilliant), and catch my breath.

And finally, this is just hilarious. "The unique joys and challenges..." Ha ha ha ha ha.

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