Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 Things: 20 Random Facts

This all started with a Pinterest board.

As I was working on building up the resource library for this new board, I sifted through some old pins that I never quite got around to exploring. And I found this one. And was reminded that this one was really important.

I'm working through the graphics to make my own little book for my boys of "30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me," but I thought it might be neat (and technologically smart - yay online backup!) to chronicle it here. Not only will it keep me accountable, but I bet it might be a fun read for you all, especially since so many of you are so wonderfully invested in my life far beyond our interactions as business clients, and as always, I am humbled and touched by that special relationship we share.

So. Number 1. 20 Random Facts. About Your Mama.

1. I'm obsessed with horror movies and lame sci-fi flicks. Like, really lame sci-fi flicks. And by obsessed, I mean the Sci-Fi channel is always on and I've seen "Mosquito Man" and your father thinks I'm insane.
2. I watch aforementioned horror movies through my fingers and typically have to cuss a lot and break down the many ways the present victim deserves their fate because of all of the stupid decisions they made. And I usually watch them in bed with the covers up to my eyes (and fingers) with your Auntie Becky huddled beside me as we whimper in fear together. Hey, that's what best friends are for.
3. I do not share food well. At all. I once read that if you really love your significant other, you give them the best part of the meal. Oops.
4. I gorge myself on movie theater popcorn. Like to the point of sickness. I can't be stopped. And see above reference regarding sharing. It's even better the next day when it's a bit stale.
5. I love all books. I can read just about anything. Books are my happy place.
6. My favorite movie is Meet Joe Black. Anthony Hopkins is my favorite actor. And there's something about a person truly experiencing every aspect of life for the first time that fascinates me. It's beautiful.
7. I hate spiders. HATE. And once beat one to death in a toilet with a tampon. (That's a long story for another time.)
8. Every tattoo I have is a marker for a particularly important moment in my life. I work myself through pain, challenges, heartbreak, growth...with ink. It's excruciatingly cathartic.
9. I prayed steadfastly that you wouldn't be allergic to peanuts. I can't live without peanut butter. My heart breaks for those friends who are challenged with this and other health issues. We are blessed. Beyond measure. And not just because we can eat Reese's Pieces.
10. I was a marching band geek. Something tells me that doesn't surprise you.
11. I wish you could have met your grandfathers. It makes my heart sad. You wear their names well.
12. Jane Austen is my favorite author. She is a female powerhouse and she changed my life in high school.
13. Cherry Coke. YUM.
14. I married your Dad because I knew he was a fantastic father.
15. I wish I had never sold my old school Nintendo system for Sega Genesis. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!
16. I have terrible, mind-numbing, crippling stage fright. And truth be told, I'm a pretty talented musician. A blessing wasted...don't ever be afraid to share your strengths.
17. Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite Bible verse. Cool story - I got it tattooed on my neck when I was pregnant with both of you (no, I didn't know). I wasn't sure I'd ever be pregnant - again - and I was working through that pain. Ironically, God was blessing me with the desire of my heart at that very moment and I didn't even know it yet.
18. You already know that I have OCD. You are my kids. BUT, what you don't know is that my OCD can isolate me and make me a very bad friend. I have to work hard to socialize. I very easily turn into my own island. You boys helped save me from that.
19. I played field hockey, softball and volleyball in high school. I was exceptionally NOT talented at all of them.
20. Your sister will tell you I give in to just about anything if you come equipped with Sour Patch Kids. Or dark chocolate covered almonds. Or peanut M&Ms. Or Twizzlers. Heck, just come prepared and I'm an easy target.

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