Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Allison & Anais: And we can't forget 'Lil Abigail!

I have a few favorite things about Allison already:

1. She has an uncanny ability to accumulate perfectly styled outfits from Target. Seriously, I'm jealous of what she finds in that store, while I always seem to end up in the same jeans and t-shirt.

2. She introduced me to Cape Charles, VA, which I am now in love with and wish to spend all of my days in this quaint little seaside downtown piece of heaven. (Yes, she is the same one I referenced HERE when I told you about amazing ice cream.) Now I just need to find an overnight babysitter who can wrangle the twins so the husband and I can get away for a weekend. Any takers?

3. She has killer shoes. (Need I say more, ladies?)

4. She's fun, relaxed, care-free and our personalities are crazy similar. Which means she is exceptionally witty, perfectly balanced and has a good touch of sarcasm tossed in there with her awesomeness. (I kid, I kid. As referenced to me at least.) Again, I wonder at my blessing in having clients that I can call friends.

So, was I at all surprised when she came up to meet me for their engagement session and started off with "So...we have this dog with us that I forgot to tell you about yesterday. We rescued her from a ditch at a gas station, is it ok if she's in the pictures with us?" Not at all surprised. I was however, a bit worried about the outcome, as we all know adding animals to a session, however amazingly cute, can also be incredibly difficult. And then I met Abigail. And fell in love.

I should stop raving about Allison and Abigail here and throw out some props to Anais. We all know that most guys have about a hundred other things they would like to be doing, a million other sporting events they'd prefer to be watching, on their Sunday afternoons. But, he was a champ, and when he smiles, you can tell he adores Allison in the best, sweetest way that just makes me love what I do as a photographer that much more.

I can't wait for their wedding this October. Small, intimate, them. And yes, Allison and I are trying to talk Anais into dressing Abigail up for the big day and carting her down the aisle in a wagon.

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