Monday, October 14, 2013

30 Things: 5 Things That Make Me Most Happy

Well, this one's easy. 5 things that make me most happy.

1. My family - Hands down, without question, the obvious number one. I could never have guessed the joy that my children would bring into my life. The sunshine that streams into my heart with the tiniest smile or the happiest giggle or the silliest joke or the sweetest moment. In truth, you are beyond being life-changing, you are life-saving.

2. My faith - Being a woman of faith is no small task. The believing is the easy part. And I'm the first to admit, I do better on some days than others. But my happiness, my pure joy, comes from knowing that God celebrates and loves me for who I am and that He created me in His perfect image and cups me in the palm of His hand. Seeing His handiwork in my life in so many different ways and understanding the countless simple touches He has made to adjust my sails back to the right path. Yes, this makes me very, very happy.

3. My job - See #2 as to how I ended up where I am today, but this still deserves a stand alone on the list. You spend more time at your job than you will at any other activity or part of your life. I will spend more time with my coworkers and clients than I will with my own family. With this in mind, I hold firm to believing that you should be happy at your job. You should love what you do and it should be fulfilling and challenging. Aim high for this luxury. Don't be afraid to dream big to achieve that job that truly makes you happy. There may be moments in your life where it's just not a reality, but you should always be working towards it. Don't be afraid to make a change to up your happy. I did and I am beyond grateful. Again, see #2.

4. Hope - Yup. Hope. Hope means there is always light at the end of the tunnel, that a bad day can turn around. Hope makes me happy. Hope means anything is possible.

5. Hard work - Feeling that I have accomplished something brings me great joy. Digging in and tackling a problem or task, putting my head down and focusing on getting the job done, and then reaching that moment of completion and going "Awesome. Done." That makes me happy. Never underestimate the value of hard work.

Funny thing, this challenge at first seemed a bit trivial and cliche. I figured I'd pump it out and move on to the next one on the list. And then I realized something interesting. I'd forgotten how happy the things on this list truly make me and it brightened my day. I need to remember this.

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